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Palmpower Pocket Mini Massage Wands.

The Palmpower Pocket is the latest addition to the collection of powerful massage wands! The Pocket is the answer to the woman looking for small wands that can be carried discreetly on the go, to satisfy desires, no matter where you happen to be. A miniature version of the Palmpower classic wand, with comparable power, these surprisingly quiet massagers have been designed to help women achieve relief quickly and discreetly, unless your screams of ecstasy give you away that is.

Coming with it’s own discreet silicone storage case, and USB charging cord for fun on the go, you’re sure to always have these powerful mini massagers ready for some sensual relief!
Massage wands have been used to relieve stress since they were first made, but now you can carry them around with you discreetly!

Features of Palmpower Pocket include:

  • 100% silicone removable head
  • PowerBullet motor in the head
  • Flexible neck
  • Easy one-press button
  • Removable comfort grip
  • USB rechargeable: recharge time from flat to fully charged is 90 minutes
  • Tiny and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Multi-speed, Multi-function
  • Water resistant – do not submerge in water
  • Durable silicone case included
  • Run time: Up to 90 minutes

If the travel lock is enabled, “Press and Hold” the power button down for 3 seconds. You will feel 2 quick vibrations to let you know it is unlocked. To turn the massage wand on, press the button once.


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