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DVD - Expert Guide to Oral Sex

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DVD - Expert Guide to Oral Sex

Please note this is NOT pornography these are sexually explicit, visually stimulating 'sex how to' - instructional DVD's.

  • In The Expert Guide to Oral Sex-Fellatio you will learn tips and techniques on how to give you man mind blowing head
  • Sex Ed instructor Tristan Taormino leaves nothing to the imagination as she guides you through the art of giving great head
  • This "hands on" workshop is a mix of explicit and non-explicit scenes (where you get to leave the instructional voice over on or off), and great sexual chemistry from the participants
  • Brush up on your deep throating skills and learn the basics of the male genital anatomy, it's all here
  • Bonus features include prostate stimulation for mind blowing male orgasm, safe sex practices and the uncircumcised penis

DVD - Expert Guide to Oral Sex