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This site is fully equipped with the latest affiliate systems so you can make money by promoting this website.

Each time a customer that you refer buys something, you receive 15% of the sale price!!


Sign up as an affiliate and you will get your own login to this site's affiliate panel. From there you can copy and paste the provided HTML into your website to display a banner. When people click on that banner and come to this store, it registers a cookie to you as the affiliate referrer. Then, once the customer makes a purchase your affilaite account will be credited 15% of the sale. It is as simple as that! You do not have to deal with waiting for money, ordering in stock, packaging and delivering products; we do all that for you. You simply get money for sending the customer to this store.

Cookie period

The cookie stored on the customers computer tells us which affiliate has sent the customer and should be paid the affiliate percentage when that customer makes a purchase. Not only does this site have a long 6 month cookie period, it also refreshes which means if a customer that clicked on your banner 5 months ago (just as an example) comes back to your site and clicks on one of the referral banners again, the cookies are then reset to another 6 month period. This is to ensure affiliates get a good deal. We believe websites that have small 4 to 6 week cookie time frames are not fair on affiliates such as yourself. If you put in the work to generate a customer, you should reap the rewards for at least half a year, and then be able to increase (reset the cookie) for a longer period when that customer returns through your site.

Tracking Stats

You also get your own affiliate panel. From here you can not only select which of our banners you want to place in your website and set advanced tracking codes to measure banner performance, but also see how many vistors have clicked through from your site, how many visitors with your cookie return to our site, check your sales and request a payout when your sales reach your desired level.

Getting Paid

In your affiliate panel you can view the current sales that are due to you. When your account has accumulated an amount at which at you want to be paid out simply click on theRequest Payout button. This sends us an email notifying us that you want to be paid, which we promise to process in short order.

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